Beth activatesI’m a wife, mother & poet. I’ve lived in Atlanta, Nashville, Scotland & South Africa and traveled to various other countries. I have friends all over the world who are welcome to crash on my doorstep on a moment’s notice. My interests are varied and I like to share.

I care about people. I care about the state of the world. I believe connection is key to peace.


10 responses to “About

  1. I really enjoy your blog, Pot Luck Mama. Your words are inspirational. I also really appreciate the activity you’ve had on my blog. Thank you so much for the support!

    • Thanks, Annakate…I enjoy yours, too! (I think I was hooked the first day I stumbled on it and saw a Nancy Drew book cover:)) I look forward to reading more and getting new ideas from you…plus hearing your stories about Nashvegas…a city dear to my heart! Take care:)

  2. Just came across this post thru the UnMarketing LinkedIn page, and glad I did! What a refreshing outlook on “networking”. It’s easy to be cynical, especially about people’s motives, but I love the idea of doing the giving before receiving (a classic networking expectation). Thanks for posting – I am inspired to say “yes” to the next event that comes across my path!

    • Thanks, Ann; I’m glad you enjoyed it! Gladder still that you are embracing the idea…that was my aim in sharing it with the UnMarketing group. It just felt like a good fit for that audience. Spread the word! 🙂

  3. Hey “Mama”
    I have been meaning to find your blog and was good to be reminded of it from today’s meeting! At 3am, this is bound to be much more entertaining than late night TV and infomercials!

  4. Thought I’d let you know that on Monday, Moonpie, the dog, and I will be visiting the DayBreak Respite Center (Alzheimers version of Mothers Morning Out) where he is a therapy dog.
    Happy Birthday to ‘Our Beth’ ! ! !

  5. I got your website thru my sister’s friend. I am 55yrs old and have a slow movin colon. The drs are thinking of taking it out, I’m not ready for that. I’m looking and asking, what to do. I have tried every drug over the counter and behind the counter, nothing. On prune juice 8oz a day. I clean out once a week. I’ve tried natural that costed me tons of money and nothing worked. I also work for weight watchers so I do the right foods, water, excerise( ok lately no excerise) . But never noticed a difference anyway. Do you have any suggestions? I’m all ears to anything, and we’ll let you know if I tried it and what it did to me.
    thank you

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