Pot Luck Kindness 2010: The Big 3-0

Yay, I'm 30!

Yay, I'm 30!

Last month I read Robyn Bomar’s How I Celebrated My Birthday (aka 38 Random Acts of Robyn) and was inspired. Have you seen this yet? Robyn decided she would spend her 38th birthday doing 38 random acts of kindness. She made a list and spent the day running around town with several members of her family doing random acts of kindness. What’s more, she asked her “friends, readers, Facebook fans and fellow Twitter-ers to each perform one Random Act of Kindness and to let [her] know about it throughout the day”. What good stuff, man! I wanna put some goodness like that out there!

So here I am, a few days from my thirtieth birthday and I haven’t gotten my act together. I actually considered doing a belated Earth Day post this week because the work involved to pull together something like Robyn pulled together is not work I want to be doing this week. Can you believe I would let lazy beat out good karma on an occasion such as this?

I do feel like it’s a special birthday. I own it, I love it and I feel somehow as though I’ve turned a corner in the past few months and I am so very excited for the me walking into my thirties. I had a lovely meeting today for the Netweaving Pay It Forward Week and this evening I spent $28 on $50 worth of groceries – a milestone in frugality. Two for two, man…can’t I make this idea work for me somehow?

Well, maybe with some help;)

Here’s the deal. The one thing I didn’t care much for on Robyn’s project was that so many of her random acts involved money. As I read through her list I was tallying the costs and the project felt less and less practical for my personal situation. I also really don’t need to take Monday off…I’m in the middle of some very cool projects and would rather spend my birthday working on them:) So, I’m going to rip off Robyn’s idea and dilute it down to my taste…throwing just a little bit of good stuff out into the world is better than not throwing out any, right? 😉  So…

Pot Luck Kindness 2010: The Big 3-0

  1. I ask that anyone so inclined to celebrate this milestone birthday with me perform a random act of kindness. I’m going to do as many as I can on b-day and I’ll tweet them out as I do them.
  2. I ask that you make every effort to perform a ROAK that doesn’t cost you money or at least doesn’t cost you much. Let’s put a $5 cap on it, ok?
  3. I ask that you let me know about your RAOK somehow. You can comment here, text me, FB me, tweet me; whatever. I’ll post any messages I get from other channels here later. My hope [read: gift] is that this post will collect a long string of creative RAOKs, inspiring anyone who stumbles on this post in the future to perform one themselves or perhaps celebrate similarly on their birthday.
  4. My birthday is Monday 5/3 but I’m not going to attach the request to the date. You can do it the day you read this post, the next day, a week later, whenever. I will certainly be pleased if some of you think about me day-of but I’ve been stretching out my birthday for years so I don’t know why I’d stop now;)

That’s it; my birthday wish. I hope you want to celebrate with me and I hope you have fun doing it. Thanks for reading, too…I can’t tell you how much this outlet – this regular writing – has done for me. And your attention, dear reader? It’s speaking my love language🙂


11 responses to “Pot Luck Kindness 2010: The Big 3-0

  1. Love that my post inspired you PotLuckMama! I will absolutely join in the RAOK extravaganza next week. I agree that acts of kindness need not cost much, if any money. I was asked by an organization that challenges others to use $100 to make a positive impact on society how much I spent on my birthday. I tallied up around $140, but truth be told, several things were already in my possession (I had a couple gift cards, the art supplies and stuffed animals were from a previous project I worked on, we keep a palette of water bottles on hand in the garage). Regardless, I asked my family to forgo the gifts they might have bought for me and the restaurant dinner we would have normally enjoyed so that I could use the $$ on this happy little RAOK venture instead.
    When it comes right down to it, all we need to do is lend a hand, smile, offer a kind word of encouragement and really make that human connection.
    Best wishes to you as you approach your 30th year of life. Hoping it is your BEST year yet!
    P.S. Next time you come to the Emerald Coast, shoot me an email and maybe we can meet for coffee! 🙂
    Thanks a million for the awesome shout out on your blog. Love it!

    • Robyn,

      Thank you so much for your comment…what a pleasant surprise! Just reading your words here brought tears to my eyes again:) I must say, one of the coolest things about your post (and I meant to mention it in mine) was seeing the smiles on everyone’s faces. And I’m not talking about smiles of the folks you were kind to, but those on YOUR family’s faces! What a striking reminder of the joy one feels in being kind…everyone can use that reminder!

      Thanks for doing good stuff and thanks for sharing it…I’m really looking forward to my birthday!!!

      (I will, without a doubt, take you up on a coffee date the next time I’m in your area:))

  2. Beth,
    Congrats on turning 30. I can already tell you what I will be doing on 3 MAY 10 for you. I will be at an orphanage in Northern Nicaragua building a chicken coop. We have a team of 4 that will be there all week. Although we are doing this as part of a Christian Ministry, I will make sure that we recognize you and your efforts on that day.
    Boy, if your dad decided to do this on his birthday, the world might run out of things to do! 😉

    Happy Birthday,

  3. Dearest Beth,
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY SWEET GIRL. Loved the random act idea for your BD. I offer you mine for today – offered to let someone checkout before me in the grocery line. More will follow in your honor. Love, Your devoted Kitty

  4. Happy Birthday! Sorry I got to my emails late, so I just read your Mom’s directing us to your blog. This is all way too avant-garde for me! I was busy seeing pts today, so I didn’t consciously do any RAOK, but I did several. I gave the gift of time (extra time) to several pts. who needed an added moment. Tomorrow I will be with my beautiful grandson who is 2, and we will definitely add some RAOK to the greater Decatur area! Hope you had a wonderful day; I know a lot of people received your gifts! Maureen

  5. From another of mama’s friends:
    Tell Beth I did a favor for someone that I absolutely cannot stand. 🙂 I think it made her day.

  6. I’m working from home this morning, and so is my boyfriend as his office doesn’t have power from the flooding. I was excited to work at home today since I’d be free from the excitement and chattering that is a cooking school, and actually get some solid work done. But good ol’ boyfriend wanted to chat. I snapped at him, then felt awful. After I read your post, I went into his office and apologized with a hug. Would have probably done that any way, but your blog inspired me to do it right then! Happy Birthday girl!

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