Why I loved 2009

It’s that time of year: we look back, we look forward, we make lists.

There are many who bid a happy farewell to 2009. Though I hardly lament the passing year (there will be no mourning on my 30th birthday, for that matter), I wish we were not so eager to cast it aside. I want to remember it. I did good work last year. I learned last year. I grew last year.

I read a blog post today by Amber Naslund titled Four Words for 2010 (highly recommend reading). In it, she talks about wanting to have chords in her life. She doesn’t expect a well-composed symphony among her various interests and responsibilities, she just wants to try and keep them “moving in the same, coordinated direction”. She “needs” a theme. I kept coming back to her ideas and wondering what my own “chord” is. I started to look back, look forward, make lists…

And then a theme: growth. How was this year bad when I learned so much? How many of us banded together and found friends we didn’t know we had? In 2009, I went through the most trying heartbreaks I have experienced in my life – BUT –

  • I felt God’s presence more than once.
  • I learned more about who I am and who I want to grow into.
  • I saw people do good things for one another.
  • I made difficult decisions.
  • I was exposed to concepts and professional associations that changed my attitude about my work.
  • I began to participate.
  • I served my community.  (Get ready for a new I Am B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L. event this spring…teaser- it will involve cooking:))
  • I laughed, I cried, I was sober and imbibed, I learned to ground and I wrote some stuff down…

No, I will not cast 2009 aside. I will roll gently from my then to my now and on to the new as I grow. And I hope I’m not alone. I hope my community, industry and country don’t spend so much time jazzing one another up about the future that we forget about the blessings we have and the lessons we’ve learned. I hope we enter a new era, one where we value conservation rather than excess, time rather than things, and relationships rather than connections.

I love 2010 already:).


3 responses to “Why I loved 2009

  1. This is beautiful Beth. Thanks so much for sharing your soul with us. I encourage you to continue and can’t wait to read your next posting. Peace be with you.

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