Happy Meal for Mama :)

yellow peppers with egg-ham hash and steamed green beans

Happy meal:)

  1. It was good for us.
  2. It was made of leftovers and fridge contents.
  3. It was not holiday fare.
  4. The kiddo volunteered “Mama, this is great!
  5. I got to use my Awesome Viking Chopping Thingie [accessory to the Awesome Viking Mixer Thingie, purchased with Sonskyn’s Customer Service “atta boy” points:)].


egg-ham hash: ham, spring onions, tomatoes, egg beaters and about half of a philly fat free cream cheese hunk, chopped individually with the AVCT and then mixed together. (You, of course, would resort to the ingredients you have on hand but I highly recommend Egg Beaters or some variation of the product as a staple…it’ll keep for damn ever…) You’re aiming for something along the lines of scattered and smothered (and covered would also be nice…mmm…) scrambled eggs, here.

yellow peppers: apparently they have more good stuff than the other colors but you can really use anything “stuffable” for the purpose- halved and baked at 350 F for about 15 min (you can spray with Pam to keep moist).

something green: because your plate needs some color.

note to self: I think it would have been prettier if I’d had some big, yummy red tomatoes…halved with fresh basil and (if I’d been really lucky) a hunk of mozzarella marinated in herbed oil…

anyway, Directions…:

  1. Cook the pepper halves (or other “stuffable” varieties) at 350 F (the ultimate safe temp.) until they are cooked  (if this makes you uncertain, just check that things don’t look whack every 2 min. after the first 6).
  2. Cook the egg-ham hash batter in a skillet at medium-low heat, covered. turn/stir/scramble as necessary.
  3. Cook up somethin’ green as a side.
  4. Stuff the “stuffable” and serve.

And in Conclusion…

Viking hand mixer and accessory chopper

Viking gear

Recreating leftovers is one one of the quickest (and least risky) ways to gain confidence in your culinary creativity. Give that rockin’ dish another chance to shine and freeze the overstock on your success stories!

PS. The egg-ham hash made a great breakfast this morning:)

PPS. Got a post from Money Saving Mom this morning on her Eat from the Pantry Challenge…think it falls in line with this topic so I’m including a link here so you can find out more if you’re interested.



3 responses to “Happy Meal for Mama :)

  1. You are so sweet Beth, looking after not only our mind, body and soul, but our bellies too! I taught myself to cook, like REALLY cook, about 5 years ago and am officially OBSSESSED with recipes of all kinds.

    Great blog, Beth for President! 🙂

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